Lead Tracker App

We are working with EventsAir to provide a FREE lead tracking app available for you to install on your smart phone or tablet. The App contains a variety of useful tools, including allowing you to capture and qualify leads straight from your tablet or smartphone by scanning a visitor’s badge and follow up.

Search for “Naturally Good” (with quotes) to download via the App Store or Google Play, or use the following link:

Naturally Good Expo 2024 – Android (Install)​

Naturally Good Expo 2024 – iOS (Install)


You can then log into the app using your email and the access pin on your exhibitor badge (provided to you on Sunday 2nd June) to access the lead scanner function.

Each exhibitor’s stand coordinator will receive an email with the subject line “Naturally Good Exhibitor Lead Tracking Dashboard” with a personalised link to set up qualifying questions for your team. The stand coordinators will use the same link to access and export all leads for follow up. Please contact us if your stand coordinator didn’t receive this.

Click here to Download Exhibitor Lead Scanner Instructions