Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find my login details

Exhibitors have been sent two (2) different logins

  • Naturally Good Compulsory Forms – Please email the Event Coordinator Team [email protected] to be re-sent your login details.

If you need to make any modifications to the shell scheme or need to order any items for your stand, direct all queries to:

For all inquiries regarding freight, logistics, storage onsite, loading dock usage, please contact:

I want to offer samples on my stand - How do I organise this? What are the obligations?

If you are intending to do sampling on your stand, please refer to the below appropriate pages:

  1. Alcohol Sampling
  2. Food & Beverage (Non – Alcoholic) Sampling
  3. OH&S Food Safety Obligations onsite

It is your responsibility to ensure you have notified and obtained all relevant permits by the deadlines stipulated prior to the show in order to be allowed to sample onsite. It is also your responsibility to ensure you have fully read and understood all your obligations and set up requirements onsite; including additional considerations for COVID-19 for 2024, and have organised these with our suppliers if necessary. It is recommended you get onto these items as soon as possible to ensure you have adequate time to prepare before the show. If you do not understand anything or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there approved suppliers who can help me build an Exhibition Stand/Custom Stand?

Yes, there are preferred suppliers that can help you construct your stand. Please see the contact list.

How do I organise amenities for my stand?


Power for your stand is ordered from ExpoNet. To see if power is part of your stand package please refer to your contract.

ExpoNet Exhibitor Services Department
02 9645 7070
[email protected]

Or login to the ExpoNet Ordering Portal

Plumbing: Water, Waste and Compressed Air:

Refer to Plumbing Page

Gas & Hazardous Materials:

Refer to Gas & Hazardous Materials Page


Refer to Refrigeration Page

What days can I move in?

**Please note weekend bump in times for 2024

  • Space Only – Commencing Saturday 1 June 2024 from 3.00pm
  • Shell Scheme – Commencing Sunday 2 June 2024 from 8.00am.

Refer to the Key Dates & Times page.

How do I drop off my stand items through the loading dock?

If you require the loading dock to deliver your stand items please visit Loading Dock Access for more information.

My courier doesn’t deliver on the weekend. What do I do?

If you require your stand items to be sent by courier to the venue prior to Move In day please contact GEL Events. GEL Events can offer a 7 day a week service and can assist you with a short term storage service prior to Move In day – Charges will apply.

The venue, GEL Events and the Organsier’s will not sign and/or store deliveries on the exhibitors behalf.

Please refer to Freight & Deliveries for options and pricing.

Delivery label

Download Venue Delivery Label:

Download File

To send your stand items to the venue please use the below delivery label. One of your staff members or a representative needs to be at the venue to sign for the delivery as the venue, GEL Events and the Organiser’s will not sign for freight on your behalf.

How do I organise furniture, fixtures and items for my stand?

Please contact ExpoNet

Exhibitor Services Department

02 9645 7070

[email protected]

Or login to the ExpoNet Ordering Portal

Can I bring my own furniture in?

Yes you can. If you require the loading dock to deliver the furniture please visit Loading Dock Access for more information.

Is there storage available at Naturally Good?

Please see the storage page in the Exhibitor Services Manual for more information. If you need additional storage on your stand, please order furniture through our stand builders.