Compulsory Inductions – Stand Builders & Contractors

Any contractor, exhibitor or persons constructing a stand on site or conducting high-risk work is required to complete BOTH inductions below:

1. ICC Venue Induction

The ICC’s Exhibition Halls are considered construction zones during the move in and move out phase of an Exhibition (Construction Phase).

If you fall into any of the following categories, you are required to complete the ICC Sydney Rapid Global Contractor Management System online site induction module prior coming onsite:

  • Any contractor, exhibitor or persons constructing a stand
  • Any contractor, exhibitor or persons conducting high-risk work including plumbing, electrical, rigging, plant operators, spotters and workers erecting and building stands

Please email [email protected] to have your company setup if it hasn’t been done so yet. If your company is already set up, please get in touch with your company administrator to have the induction link issued.

If you do not fall into any of the above categories, then it is not necessary for you to complete the induction module.

Onsite Sign In: All contractors and individuals conducting build work on site, are required to sign in on site, to confirm that you have been inducted and comply with on-site OH&S regulations. When arriving on site, for your first day of move in and first day of move out, please proceed to a sign in terminal.

Hi-vis vest and closed toe shoes must be worn at all times during move-in and move out, and on the loading dock.

2. Diversified L.E.V.8 Sentry Portal

Diversified L.E.V.8 Sentry Portal Induction –

Please contact the Operations Manager to be set up on the L.E.V.8 Sentry Portal and allocated as a contractor for the Naturally Good 2024.

It is imperative that ALL STAFF conducting works are registered via this portal and complete the allocated inductions.

The L.E.V.8 Portal is where the following key information is uploaded:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS)

Once registered you will receive an email with details on how to add your staff and link them to the event.