Final Instructions

As the show is fast approaching, I would like to draw your attention to the following important information to ensure your participation is smooth and your results maximised.

Please share this information with your team.


Move - In

Space only Exhibitors

Exhibitors and contractors who are building space only stands will have access between the following hours to set up:

Saturday30 May8:00am - 8.00pm
Sunday31 May8.00am - 8.00pm


  • All Space Only Exhibitors will be allocated a move-in time. If you have not been received a scheduled time please contact Agility.
  • Not all courier companies deliver on the weekend. Agility can take deliveries to their warehouse during the week leading up to the event, for delivery on the weekend. There is a charge associated with this service.


  • Agility will allocate a move in time and access time for the loading dock. Please ensure you or your contractor have been in contact with Agility to arrange a suitable time to access the loading dock.
  • Please liaise with your stand builder regarding a suitable time for you to dress and stock your stand. If you require access to the loading dock, please contact Agility arrange a suitable time as above.
  • Vehicles must be moved from the loading dock area as soon as unloading is completed.
  • Only vehicles over 1.8m high can access the loading dock, all other vehicles will be redirected to the  ICC Sydney car park – free up to 10mins, car parking rates apply after this time.
  • Vehicles under 1.8m can access the hall from the ICC Car Park utilising lift 6.
  • Please ensure all stands are finished by 8pm on Sunday 31 May.
  • STRICTLY NO ACCESS on the morning of show open for any stand build or construction.  Contractors will not be given access on the opening morning.  All tools, ladders, building equipment, rubbish and storage must be removed by 8pm on Sunday 31 May.  If it is left in the halls overnight, it may be deemed as rubbish and removed.

Shell Scheme Exhibitors

Exhibitors will have access between the following hours to set up:

Sunday31 May10.00am - 8.00pm


  • If you require access to the loading docks please contact Agility to schedule a move-in time.


  • Shell scheme stands will be ready to be occupied from 10am Saturday 1 June, these times are for exhibitors to deliver their goods and set up their stands.
  • No access will be given for stand build on the opening morning of the show.
  • All stands must be completed & ready (and all rubbish removed from the premises) by 8pm on Sunday 31 May.
  • Large deliveries can be made through the loading dock, Hall 2 & 3. Hall 4 will be used for pedestrian access.
  • Only vehicles over 1.8m high can access the loading dock, all other vehicles will be redirected to the ICC Sydney car park – free up to 10mins, car parking rates apply after this time.
  • Vehicles under 1.8m can access the hall from the ICC Sydney Car Park utilising lift 6.
  • Vehicles must be moved from the loading dock area as soon as unloading is completed. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed on the dock for unloading and fines may be issued if this time is exceeded. Please liaise with loading dock staff if you require additional time for unloading.
  • Upon arrival please check your stand is built to your order. Any problems relating to your stand construction please see ExpoNet, their customer service desk will be located at the front of Hall 4.
  • Please ensure all stands are entirely finished by 8pm on Sunday 31 May. There will be STRICTLY NO ACCESS on the morning of show open for any stand build or construction.  Contractors will not be given access on the opening morning.  All tools, ladders, building equipment, rubbish and storage must be removed by 8pm on Sunday 31 May.  If it is left in the halls overnight, it may be deemed as rubbish and removed.

Sampling Food/Non Alcoholic Beverages

Sampling is providing any food or beverages to visitors for consumption. All exhibitors sampling must firstly get their Temporary Food Permit (TFP) from the City of Sydney. You then need to complete the Sampling order form in the online manual.

Failure to complete and comply with this form will result in you not being able to share your products with our visitors.


City of Sydney safety regulations for distribution of food and beverage products apply to all events held at the venue.

ICC Sydney understands that sampling a wide range of cuisines enhances the appeal of food and lifestyle shows.

The preparation, sampling of food or beverages is permitted at the venue if they are directly related to the exhibitor’s core business.

Sample Food & Beverage Portions are limited to;

  • Food – 50 gm or bite-size pieces
  • Non-alcoholic beverage – 100ml or less
  • Liquor spirit – 20ml or less
  • Wine and beer – 50ml or less.

Please Note – Any exhibitor found sampling portions larger than the venue guidelines above may be charged a fee of $340 per day by the venue.

Please feel free to contact the event coordinator with any questions.



Exhibitors providing full-sized cups of coffee will be charged an external supply fee of $170.00 per day by the ICC.

Exhibitors will be invoiced prior to the event.

Please ensure to complete the Sampling Food & Beverage Form in the Exhibitor Online Manual so you can be invoiced accordingly.

If you are sampling coffee of 100 ml or less for a non-alcoholic beverage (Coffee Included) you will not be charged.

If you are cooking on your stand please ensure you complete the request form/


Are you sampling high risk food or beverages?

High risk foods include: meats/ fish/ diary/ chicken / eggs / cooked rice/ juicing fruits/ preparing sandwiches / salads.

If so you must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor. This person must be available throughout the Event – however they do not have to be on site for the duration of the Show. They must have an Australian Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. This certificate must include competency codes SITXFSA101 – Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA201 – Participate in safe food handling practices. For high risk products you must have hand washing facilities with warm running water at the stand.


Are you sampling low risk food or beverages?

Low-risk food is anything that is not high risk and potentially hazardous food. This includes but is not limited to:

Dry goods, pickles/ salad dressings, bottled marinades/ protein balls. protein drinks (mixed with water), nuts in the shell/ honey and jam, peanut butter / fruit/plain cakes, biscuits and crackers / hard cheeses, fruit juices / unopened bottled beverages / raw whole fruit and vegetables, dried fruit / plain bread and bread rolls / yoghurts and confectionery / bottled sauces (tomato/ketchup), Asian and soy.

Hand washing is still required on the stand. This system can be the very portable one e.g. 10 litre drinking water container with the tap on end, plastic bucket, liquid soap and paper towelling.


If a City of Sydney Health Officer inspects your stand the below fee is payable. The fee will cover you for a 12 month period, even if you are inspected again at another event.

There are two fee categories for temporary food premises:

High-Risk Stand $210
Low-Risk Stand $150


For further information please contact Mary Whelan on 0408 039 964, Food Service Advisor.


Power to the stand will be turned off Tuesday 2 June at approximately 1 hour after show closes . If this is going to cause you issues  please contact our Operations Manager.

Exhibition Hours

The opening hours are as follows:

The opening hours are as follows:
Tuesday2 June 202010:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday3 June 202010.00am - 5.00pm

Exhibitors will be able to gain entry up to two hours before the opening time each day. Access to your stand is for stand dressing and product replenishing only.

Organisers Office

The Organiser’s Office is located on level 1, rear of hall 4 and will be open from 8:00am each morning. The telephone number for the office is +61 (0)2 9215 7391.

Space Only Stands

Exhibitors booking space only sites are responsible for the construction of their exhibit which must meet all requirements of the exhibition and the authorities.  Each exhibitor is responsible for erecting a partition wall 2.5 meters in height between the exhibitor’s site and the adjoining site.  Exhibitors wishing to erect partitions exceeding 2.5 meters must obtain written approval from Diversified Communications (Naturally Good Expo).  Where permission is granted, the exhibitor becomes responsible for both sides of the partition wall above 2.5 meters.  It must be of solid construction, suitably decorated on the reverse side and to the requirements of the adjoining exhibitor but carry no advertising material where the elevation overlooks the neighbouring stand. Flooring also needs to be organised.

Shell Scheme Stands

Shell scheme stands include walls, carpet, lighting and fascia with the name and stand number of the exhibitor. Please refer to the Shell Specification to find out if your stand includes or does NOT include power.

The company name style is uniform, and the fascia may not be altered or covered in any way. Exhibitors shall be liable for any damages to the stand structure incurred during the exhibition.

Exhibitor Name Badges

Each staff working on a stand is required to have a ‘exhibitor badge’. This can be done through our Event Registration page. Simply tick “Yes” to “Are you an exhibitor” and complete the quick registration. You can register up to 10 additional colleagues in one sitting. Each registered staff will receive their own confirmation email with instructions for badge collection. It’s advised to put in personalised email addresses.

If you have more than 10 working staff, simply start a new registration. The confirmation emails will be resent closer to the show.

Register your staff here.

Exhibitor badges will be ready for collection at the Registration Desk before you enter the exhibition halls at the ICC Sydney during bump in on Saturday 1 June. We recommend picking up your exhibitor staff badge on Sunday to avoid the queues on Monday morning so you can enter the venue for final set up (you’ll need your exhibitor badge to enter the halls from 8am on show days).

Note: Exhibitor badges are non-transferable.

Work Health and Safety Check List

Work Health & Safety (WHS) is a major priority for Diversified Communications Australia and the venue.  Diversified Communications Australia will aim to create and maintain a safe working environment for all contractors, exhibitors and visitors.

To comply with these standards please note the following requirements in relation to your participation in the Expo.

In particular we have implemented the following:

  • The wearing of safety vests will be enforced by the organiser and security staff during move in and move out. It is expected that stand contractors will supply safety vests for their own staff. Diversified Communications will provide loan safety vests for exhibitors and will have a supply of these at each open loading dock and concourse door during move in and move out.
  • No children of 15 years or under will be allowed on site during move in and move out.
  • No open toe shoes to be worn during move in and move out in the exhibition centre or on the loading dock.
  • The consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden during move in and move out.

Please ensure that if you are booking a SPACE ONLY site that you provide the name of your stand builder for custom built stands by completing the Stand Design Requirements Form. All Stand builders must forward a copy of their PLI Insurance, Workcover and WH&S policy to Diversified Communications Australia before they will be permitted on site.

Stand builders and contractors conducting high-risk works are to complete a venue induction before going onsite. Please email to get your company setup if it hasn’t been done so yet. If you company is already set up, please get in touch with your company administrator to have the induction link issued.

Clear Aisles

A number of aisles have been designated as clear ways for forklifts and pedestrians.  These will also be indicated on-site with signage.  In order to maintain a safe working site, no stock can be placed in these aisles and all aisles should remain clear as possible during construction and dismantling.


Click on the below to view the clear aisle plan.

Download File

Safety Vests

Exhibitors must provide their own safety vests for the move-in and move-out periods. It is mandatory that safety vests be worn on the loading dock at all times and in the hall during move-in and move-out periods or whilst any plant or machinery is operating.  There will be a limited number of used vests available for use located at all entrances to the pavilions.  Vests will be issued on a first come first served basis and must be returned every time you leave the bays.

Emergency Procedures

ICC Sydney recognises it has a responsibility to provide for the health and safety of Clients, Patrons, Exhibitors and Agents.

All Emergency services need to be coordinated through the Event security to ensure that the emergency vehicles are given the correct information. All security staff are qualified in First Aid procedures. For any first aid requirements please visit security on the show floor or go to the Organiser’s office where security can be contacted.

In the event of an emergency, one of two alarms may sound:

Alert alarm – “Beep! Beep! Beep!” This is a warning alarm to notify everyone of a possible emergency. If it sounds, please stand by for further instructions.

Evacuation alarm – “Whoop! Whoop!” This alarm means all occupants must evacuate. When it sounds, wardens will direct everyone to leave via the nearest exits quickly but calmly and assemble at the nearest evacuation point where they are to remain until ICC Sydney staff advise that it is safe to return.


Deliveries to your stand need to be carefully managed to avoid any delays or damage.

Space only exhibitors
may start deliveries from 8:00am Friday 31 May if their stand-builder will accept them

Shell scheme exhibitors may deliver goods from 10am Sunday 31 May.

IMPORTANT – If you require access to the loading dock for delivering and unloading your goods, you must contact Agility to arrange a move in time.  If you turn up outside of your allocated access time you may be turned away at the Loading Dock.

  • The loading dock is strictly used for drop off/pick up of goods.  To keep the loading dock moving please move your vehicle away from this area as soon as you have finished unloading.  Parking is limited to 15 minutes on the loading dock area and cars may be fined if left on the dock for a period longer than this.  Please liaise directly with the loading dock staff should you require additional time to unload.  All vehicles under 1.8m will be directed to use the car park beneath the venue to avoid .
  • If you are using a courier company, please take care to attach a completed Delivery Label to each item. As most couriers will not leave goods without a signature we recommend that a member of your staff be present during deliveries.  The Organisers cannot accept deliveries on your behalf.
  • If you require a Forklift, please contact Agility to book a time. Forklifts may be booked on-site but there may be a delay and additional costs.  Hand trolleys may be borrowed at no charge from the Gaffneys service desk.  Photo identification will be required to ‘borrow a trolley’.  For safety reasons, trolleys will not be allowed on the exhibition floor once the exhibition is open.
  • Deliveries cannot be made during the open hours of the exhibition. Exhibitors can gain entry 2 hours prior to the show opening each day for deliveries and re-stocking stands. If necessary, please organise deliveries each morning at least 30 minutes prior to opening time. Delivery vehicles may use loading dock 6 each morning.

Official Contractors

If you need to speak to one of the official suppliers during move-in please visit their site desk. The following official suppliers will have a customer service desk on-site during move-in:

Electrical & Lighting Supplier      ExpoNetFront of Hall 4
Furniture Hire    ExpoNetFront of Hall 4
Stand TrackersInfoSalonsLevel 2 Hall 4
Audio Hire & Equipment HireMicroHireContact via Organisers Office , rear hall 4
Rigging         Cliffton ProductionsContact via Organisers Office , rear hall 4
Freight, Storage & Forklift      AgilityOnsite Desk front of Loading Dock 3

If you are using your own trades’ people, make sure that they are suitably qualified and adhere to the rules and regulations of the exhibition.  All electrical or plumbing work must be carried out by the official contractor.


Companies with outstanding amounts will not be allowed to occupy their stand.  For information on accounts please contact Account Receivable on +61 3 9261 4500 or


There is no on-site storage for stand builders materials. There is a small amount of storage available for stock replenishment.  This is in an unsecured area behind the rear cafe in Hall 3.


Security Guards will be on duty throughout the exhibition however for practical and legal reasons organiser’s are unable to accept responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or personal property.  No Exceptions: Exhibitors must have adequate property and public liability insurance in connection with the exhibition.  We strongly advise you that all personal belongings are secure at all times during move-in, exhibition times and move-out.

Additional Services

For any additional services we strongly recommend that orders are placed before their due date to avoid disappointment or a late surcharge fee.  Sometimes these services can be booked on-site but the cost is generally much higher and often subject to availability.

For any additional services please visit the Exhibitor Services Website.

Test & Tagging

All electrical equipment must be tested & tagged in accordance with the Australian Standard 3760. If you order power or power is included your items will automatically be tested and tagged. For further information contact ExpoNet.

Car Parking

ICC Sydney operates two 24hour car parking stations with a total of 826 parking spaces including 11 disabled parking bays, 25 motorcycle parking spaces, 50 bicycle racks and 20 electric car charge spaces. Vehicle entry height is 2.2m.

During Move-In and Move-Out

Exhibitor car parking rate, if exceeding more than 1hr is $25.00 and applies during move in and move out days only. Tickets can be validated at the ICC Sydney Service Desk beside Hall 4 on Level 2. The first 10 minutes is free after this standard rates apply. You can access the hall from the ICC Car Park utilising lift 6. Click here to down load car parking map.

All other days are charged at the standard rates; 1st Hr. $18 – Max $49.00.

For further information visit ICC Sydney Website

Visit Website

Vehicles on stand

Any exhibitor who is planning to include a vehicle on their stand must notify the Organisers of their intentions no later than 21 days prior to commencement of the exhibition.

The Organisers requires details of the delivery together with details of the dimensions and weight of the vehicle.  Upon arrival a set of keys must be supplied to the Organisers Office for the duration of the event.  ICC Sydney Security retains the right to inspect any vehicle leaving the premises after unloading/loading before, during and after the exhibition.

In the interests of public safety and security, exhibitors planning to include a vehicle on their stand are requested to comply with the following:

  • Place a drip tray underneath vehicle.
  • Ensure that vehicles carry no more than 5L of fuel (not including fuel that may be present in the fuel line and engine). Lock/Seal fuel tanks to prevent removal by third parties.
  • For vehicles fueled by ethanol, methanol or nitro methane, the fuel tanks must be completely empty
  • Place carpet under tyres.


ICC have the exclusive rights to supply and sell any food and drink for consumption within the venue. A full range of take-away items will be available from the food outlets within the exhibition halls.

For on-stand catering/hospitality please contact the Venue’s Exhibitor Services or complete the ICC Sydney Catering form.

Public Address System

During the open period of the exhibition the public-address system can only be used in an emergency situation.  The paging of exhibitors or visitors is not possible, but messages may be left at the Organiser’s.

Official App


The official Naturally Good 2020 app is the ideal planning tool for visitors attending this year’s show. You can create a profile to personalise your schedule, post updates on the feed and direct message attendees. Download the app now on the App Store or Google Play by searching “Naturally Good 2020”.

For more information visit

Show Attendee List Scam


Please be aware that Naturally Good has been the target of groups trying to take advantage of the event’s size and success. Some exhibitors are getting phone calls and e-mail messages from individuals offering all types of services from fake exhibition directories and attendee databases, to travel/hotel arrangements and transportation services.

Total Facilities and its official vendors do not sell, rent or distribute attendee lists in any way, nor do we send e-mails via Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail accounts. All official communication comes from a Diversified Communications Australia email account ( Any communication suggesting otherwise is not affiliated with Naturally Good in any way. We recommend you do not click on any links from e-mails from these types of accounts or from any that look suspicious. All Div Com preferred suppliers are included within our exhibitor website and portal.


Your banner must fall within your stand area and must not encroach on aisle-ways or adjoining stands.  Double-sided banners must hang at least one meter in from the boundary of your stand.  To arrange the rigging of a banner please contact Clifton Productions


To avoid obvious disputes, the distribution of promotional material or samples must be confined to your own stand.  You are reminded that your exhibits and stand fitting must remain within the boundary of the space booked. Please design your stand accordingly as encroachment into the aisle will not be allowed.  Exhibitors are not permitted to distribute promotional material in aisles or at the entrance to the exhibition.  There is also a total ban on visitors canvassing within the exhibition.  Please let us know if you see either of these things happening near your stand and our staff will have it stopped.


The exhibition aisles and bins are cleaned throughout the day. Stand floors are cleaned and bins emptied each night. Stand cleaning is also included in the charge for exhibition space. Please notify the organisers if you will be producing a lot of waste during the exhibition as additional charges may be applied.

Admission Policy

In line with exhibitor requests we have restricted visitor entry to business people only. Please include this in any promotion you may undertake and note the same restrictions apply to exhibitors. All onsite visitor registrations will be charged at $30 (including GST) per person; to avoid this fee visitors can register online at any time during the exhibition.

Visitor Badges

Every visitor will be issued with a name badge to assist you to identify them. If you wish to scan the bar codes on the badges you will need to hire a Sales Lead Tracker.  For more information refer to the Sales Lead Tracker order form.

Visitor Invitations

By now you should have received your client e- invitations, for further information visit the Exhibitor Services website or contact our member of our Marketing Team.

Networking Event

Please join us for the Naturally Good Exhibitor Drinks to network with industry leaders over a beverage and canapés.

Exhibitor Drinks will be held on Monday 1 June from 5:10pm – 6.10pm at the Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour.

Wear your exhibitor badge to gain entry.

Move - Out

Exhibitors can dismantle their stands during the following times:

Shell Scheme Stands & Space Only Product Removal
Tuesday2 June 2020 5.30pm – 10.00pm
Space Only Stands & Contractors
Tuesday2 June 20206.00pm – 10.00pm
Wednesday3 June 20208.00am - 2.00pm

Please read the following instructions carefully and share them with your staff.

  • No stands may be dismantled before the exhibition closes at 5:00pm.
  • After closing there will be a 30-minute delay while the building is made safe and cleared of all visitors.
  • Move out will not commence until every person within the halls is wearing a safety vest.
  • Contractors may commence stand dismantle from 6:00 pm.
  • All Shell Scheme exhibitors must be completely moved out by 10:00pm Tuesday 2 June.
  • Space only exhibitors need to be completely moved out by 2:00pm Wednesday 3 June.
  • All WH&S regulations on move in will also be enforced for move out.

In the interest of safety and convenience also take note of the following:

  • Allow sufficient time and don’t rush.
  • It is strongly recommended that all valuable items be removed first.
  • Follow the directions of the security guards and allow them to do their job.
  • Wear your exhibitor badge at all times.

Stock to be collected should be boxed and left in the middle of your stand with clear instructions, a contact name and mobile number of the person collecting the items.  Items not clearly labeled will be regarded as rubbish and may be disposed of.  Alternatively, goods may be stored with Agility Fairs and Events at the cost of the exhibitor.

Dismantling Information

To ensure the dismantling of the exhibition proceeds as smoothly as possible, please read the Dismantling Information.