Food & Beverage (Non alcoholic) Sampling


Sampling is providing any food or beverages to visitors for consumption. Sample sizes must be bite size or 100ml in liquid format for non alcoholic beverages.


Sample Food & Beverage Portions are limited to;

  • Food – 50 gm or bite-size pieces
  • Non-alcoholic beverage – 100ml or less
  • Liquor spirit – 20ml or less
  • Wine and beer – 50ml or less.

Please Note – Any exhibitor found sampling portions larger than the venue guidelines above may be charged a fee of $340 per day by the venue.

Please feel free to contact the event coordinator with any questions.


Exhibitors providing full-sized cups of coffee will be charged an external supply fee of $170.00 per day by the ICC.

Exhibitors will be invoiced prior to the event.

Please ensure to complete the Sampling Food & Beverage Form in the Exhibitor Online Manual so you can be invoiced accordingly.

If you are sampling coffee of 100 ml or less for a non-alcoholic beverage (Coffee Included) you will not be charged.

Please follow these easy steps to be able to sample on your stand.

1. Temporary Food Permit (TFP)


Exhibitors must have a Temporary Food Permit (TFP) lodged with the City of Sydney. Your registration must be completed by 27 April 2020. If you already have an existing TFP number you do not need to reapply, you just need to insert that number into the Sampling Food & Beverage form.

To apply for a Temporary Food Permit download the below.

Download File


Once you have obtained or if you currently hold a TFP number, you must include the TFP number in the Sampling Food & Beverage (non-alcoholic) order form.

2. Complete the Food & Beverages (Non Alcohol) Order Form

Are you sampling high risk food or beverages?

High risk foods include: meats/ fish/ diary/ chicken / eggs / cooked rice/ juicing fruits/ preparing sandwiches / salads.

If so you must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor. This person must be available throughout the Event – however they do not have to be on site for the duration of the Show. They must have an Australian Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. This certificate must include competency codes SITXFSA101 – Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA201 – Participate in safe food handling practices. For high risk products you must have hand washing facilities with warm running water at the stand.

Are you sampling low risk food or beverages?

Low-risk food is anything that is not high risk and potentially hazardous food. This includes but is not limited to:

Dry goods, pickles/ salad dressings, bottled marinades/ protein balls. protein drinks (mixed with water), nuts in the shell/ honey and jam, peanut butter / fruit/plain cakes, biscuits and crackers / hard cheeses, fruit juices / unopened bottled beverages / raw whole fruit and vegetables, dried fruit / plain bread and bread rolls / yoghurts and confectionery / bottled sauces (tomato/ketchup), Asian and soy.

Hand washing is still required on the stand. This system can be the very portable one e.g. 10 litre drinking water container with the tap on end, plastic bucket, liquid soap and paper towelling.

Click on the below link to submit your sampling order form.

Visit Website

At the Show


If a City of Sydney Health Officer inspects your stand the below fee is payable. The fee will cover you for a 12 month period, even if you are inspected again at another event.

There are two fee categories for temporary food premises:

High-Risk Stand $210
Low-Risk Stand $150


For further information

Contact Mary Whelan on 0408 039 964, Food Service Advisor.