Power & Lighting

Power & Lighting

The official stand builder, ExpoNet is responsible for all lighting and electrical requirements.

Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme stands are supplied with 2 spotlights per 9m². Check your contract to see if power is included in your stand.  Power, electrics and additional lighting can be ordered from the official service provider. Credit card facilities will be available on-site to settle accounts for electrical services provided at the exhibition.  Any on-site changes will incur a fee for late bookings.

Space Only

Space only exhibitors may use their own electrical contractor to install power on your stand. However, all power from the pit must be ordered through ExpoNet and you must advise us of your contractor completing the power installation. Only the official service provider may access the electrical pits.  Please note that all stand contractors must order power for use during bump in and out in addition to your own requirements for use during the show. All electrical equipment brought on site must be tested and tagged before it comes on site. Any equipment found not to be tested and tagged will be removed from the show floor and returned upon the completion of the show.

Lighting Safety

All lighting must be at least 2.2m above floor level. High powered lights must not be placed within 500mm of flammable material.  All portable light fittings must have a Certificate of Approval from Australian or New Zealand Electrical Safety Regulators.

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Exhibitors will need to arrange Test & Tagging for any electrical equipment bought onsite. For more information please review the Test & Tagging page.