Alcohol Sampling

Alcohol Sampling


All exhibitors that would like to sample alcohol must complete the Alcohol Sampling form in the online manual in order to be granted approval for this to occur.

1. Complete the Alcohol Sampling Form in the Exhibitor Manual

2. Upload copies of your RSA certificate/s

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The ICC has sole rights for the sale and distribution of any article of food or drink for consumption on-site. ICC Sydney understands that sampling is a key part of the exhibition experience. The sampling of externally supplied food or beverage is permitted at the venue if they are directly related to the exhibitor’s core business.

All exhibitors sampling alcohol will fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC Sydney Liquor Licence so exhibitors must follow any directions given to them by the ICC in relation to this area. Exhibitors will be contacted if there are any queries.


Sample beverage portions are limited to:
non-alcoholic beverage 100ml or less
liquor or spirit 20ml or less
wine and beer 50ml or less

Those serving alcohol samples are required to hold a current NSW competency card, a copy of which must be supplied to the event organiser at least 8 weeks prior to the event. Qualifications from other states do not apply in NSW and bridging courses are no longer offered.

The NSW Office of Liquor and Gaming has introduced new legislation in relation to Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificates. If your RSA was obtained before 2013 please log onto the NSW Office or Liquor and Gaming website and complete a new RSA course and obtain a competency card for your RSA to be valid. Without a current competency card your RSA is not valid. Please ensure you have a competency card. 

To get a NSW RSA competency card applicants must have completed a course through an approved training provider within the past 5 years. A list of approved training providers can be found here.

All exhibitors will need to display an Under 18s not to be served alcohol sign on their stand. Any stands not displaying this sign will be in breach of the liquor licence, and will not be permitted to sample their product.

These signs are available for purchase here, at a cost of $10 per sign. Only original signs purchased from NSW Government are valid – these signs cannot be reproduced through photocopying or printing.

Incident Management
For all liquor related incidents (underage drinkers, visitors helping themselves to alcohol, aggressive behaviour, intoxication) please ensure all incidents are noted on the Incident Register located on your stand, and RSA Manager is contacted immediately.

  • To sample alcohol in NSW exhibitors must have a NSW RSA that is no longer than 3 years old. If they don’t have a NSW RSA they can do this online.
  • All exhibitors sampling alcohol must also display a under 18 years of Not To Be Served sign that can be obtained from Liquor Licensing NSW. Please note that these must be sourced from Liquor Licensing NSW in order to comply with NSW regulations and they can’t be printed off the website.
  • Exhibitors sampling alcohol will be covered by ICC Liquor Licence only.
  • No alcohol can be sold onsite for takeaway.
  • All employees involved directly with the sale, service or supply of alcohol must holding a valid NSW RSA competency card. If these persons are to leave the stand or go on any breaks, only those who hold a NSW RSA competency card are able to serve in their place. If there are no other persons that hold this accreditation, alcohol service MUST cease until they return to the stand. RSA Cards must be submitted to ICC Sydney with the submission of the sampling form.
  • Exhibitors must have an RSA Incident register on their stands which must be signed at the end of each day and provided to the ICC Sydney floor managers at the end of each show day. All incidents including refusal of service due to no acceptable ID are to be recorded in the black Incident Register books.
  • ALL Exhibitors MUST have an approved ICC Sydney Food & Beverage sampling permit form. If fresh produce is being used, a temporary food stall permit issued by the City of Sydney is required.